Skolly&Hye White
Skolly&Hye RED

As kids my sister Holly and I never went anywhere without the other and subsequently family and friends started calling us both ‘Skolly&Hye’.

Siblings but also best of friends, we are the complete opposite of one another while also complementing each other. We understand each other, love the quirks each brings, and laugh more at everything when we are together.

When the two of us are together, one drinks White and one drinks Red so we needed both for the Skolly&Hye label. When the two bottles are placed next to each other, they align to make up the whole painting with half on each of the labels.   

The artwork on the Skolly&Hye wines was put together by a Local Clare Valley Artist and represents the two of us, featuring snippets of many stories and memories. The background of the painting represents our Mum who loves all things bright and colourful. The two wines are made from 100% Clare Valley fruit, with the Grenache made by hand by our Dad using an old basket-press.

We hope you enjoy a glass or two with a sibling or best friend, maybe get up to a little mischief, and have a good laugh – just like I do with my Sister Holly.

Cheers, Skye